What is Work-Life Balance?

Business CoachingWhat is Work-Life Balance?

As soon as you step into adulthood, a large chunk of your time is spent working and building a career. This is also the time when people start building families of their own. It is important to have control over your life for a sense of wellbeing and to be happy. Work-life balance is the way to enjoy life in its essence and all its beauty, and be productively employed at the same time.

Although work is an important part of an individual’s identity, it is equally important to have a good domestic life and have time to pursue non-commercial activities that make you happy. Jeff Davidson, a writer, explains work-life balance beautifully by defining it as having a breathing space in your life.

It is not necessary to make sacrifices in order to achieve this balance. A change in attitude and lifestyle can induce this balance that will let you lead a complete life that does not start and end at your workplace. It involves planning your week in advance, having the ability to say no at work when required, minimizing unnecessary work that can easily be delegated, being insulated from distractions and prioritizing.

According to recent surveys, work-life balance is what most people aim for over money and recognition. It lets you spend time with family, gives you the space to exercise, makes you take up activities for self-realization and much more.

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