What is Wellness Coaching?

Self discovery master 2What is Wellness Coaching?

Over the last decade, more and more individuals are realizing the immense value of health and wellness programs. There has been a noticeable trend towards a more health conscious society as an increasing number of people have begun paying more attention to the way they treat their bodies. While many individuals choose to relieve stress by working out at the gym, wellness coaching offers individuals a more holistic experience. Wellness coaching is not simply focused on exercising individuals so that they can achieve weight targets or build flexibility.

Wellness coaching relates to a range of techniques that trainers use to bring out the best in an individual. Wellness coaching involves a complete overhaul of an individual’s diet and behavioral practices. This form of coaching is premised on techniques of motivational psychology that look to have individuals develop new perspectives of their lives, thus enabling positive change. Coaches are not concerned with relating wisdom or advice, instead urge individuals to seek out their own principles and values enabling a process of personal growth.

How Does Wellness Coaching Work?

There are typically four steps associated with wellness coaching. They are:

  • Establishing A Relationship

This is perhaps the most important step in the process of wellness coaching because it involves developing a rapport with an individual that is based on honesty and transparency. A wellness coach must not only be a good communicator, but also a good listener. By interacting with individuals, wellness coaches will be able to identify better with where their insecurities may lie, and communicate important motivational messages accordingly.

That being said, wellness coaches will also look to remain professional and emotionally unattached from their clients. In many cases, when a professional relationship turns into a personal one, an individual’s health and wellness may be compromised.

  • Motivational Interviewing

Once a wellness coach has built a steady rapport with a client, it will be his/her responsibility to devise a number of communication strategies that seek to enable individuals to discover their core values and beliefs. Motivational interviewing is a process that is used in a range of coaching fields, based on combining knowledge and incentive. Research has indicated that educating individuals, while simultaneously motivating them, has led to improved results with regard to health and wellness.

Motivational interviewing uses communication strategies that focus on an individual’s strengths rather than weaknesses, with particular emphasis on the present. These techniques are designed to coerce individuals to identify what beliefs truly resonate within them, and to express the same.

  • Wellness Vision

The third step of the wellness coaching process is developing a wellness vision. Once individuals have reached an advanced stage in their wellness coaching process, having developed sound routines and dietary patterns, they are encouraged to create a long term plan for themselves. The plan may relate to any or all realms of life whether it is financial, social or personal. The idea is that individuals are forced to think pro-actively and imagine a realistic course of action to be followed. Individuals develop these plans on their own, and thus activate new ambitions and targets for themselves.

  • Goal Setting

The goal setting process is experienced throughout the wellness coaching program. At the start, individuals are encouraged to develop exercise and diet plans that are monitored by their coaches. Right from the onset, individuals are ingrained with a ‘goal-setting’ mentality that will hold them in good stead for the future. Later in the program, when individuals develop wellness visions, they are urged to think about realistic ways to achieve their newly discovered goals. Throughout the process, goals are set and achieved based on an individual’s strengths and interests rather than weaknesses. Wellness coaching instils a philosophy of self-regulation within individuals.

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