Become a certified Life Coach in 9 Days

Become a certified Life Coach in 9 Days

Opening the door to your own successful career as a life coach is easier than you think and more rewarding than you can imagine.

Life Coaching is the science of achieving a fulfilled life and the art of creating a lasting positive change through the conscious nurturing of life-affirming values. That’s a mouthful, but in essence, the Let’s-Live style of Life Coaching is simply the business of helping people succeed and reach their goals.

Life Coaching has grown into a burgeoning world wide phenomenon with vibrant and exciting opportunities across many industries. Our bespoke skills development courses are based on a harmonious blend of Modern Science, Quantum Physics, and the latest breakthroughs in Applied Psychology. We drive performance, enhance personal well being, and introduce individuals to the blazing power they can wield in every sphere of their lives.

An essential element of every Let’s-Live Coaching Experience is to be the change you want to see in the world. We lead by example and instill a higher sense of self worth and possibility into individuals through a set of proven tools that break through limiting beliefs, and brings you closer to the joyous, prosperous, and dare we say, happy life you deserve.

To become a fully qualified and globally recognised Life Coach you need to successfully complete four modules or “Let’s Live experiences”. Our range of flexible and affordable coaching certification courses respectively cover: Personal Skills development, Motivation Psychology, (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Time Line Healing, Micro-expression Analysis, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Health, Human Behaviour Modification and Science.

Over 9 Days you will wrap your mind, body, and spirit around the principles that drive the field of motivational science and deepen your appreciation for the fastest growing business on this planet. The moment you successfully complete the Self-Discovery Master modules, and attended the 9 Day Experience you can setup your own firm and legally offer your services anywhere in the world.

Once you become part of the Let’s live collective you will be fully equipped to enjoy access to our distinguished Let’s-Live clientele and benefit tremendously from our ongoing support and global marketing endeavors. With your qualifications earned you also become eligible for a spot on the 14 or 30 Day experience, where you will be given a solid foundation from which to unleash your latent potential, achieve your professional goals, and pursue your own profitable coaching business.

We are proud to be part of an illustrious network of highly reputable leaders in the Coaching and motivational fields and adhere to the codes of ethical conduct as set out by The Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals (FNLPCP), The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA), and Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals (GFSMCP).

The demand for trustworthy, ethical, and motivated leaders will never be depleted. Truly optimistic, compassionate, and admirable leaders are always in short supply and a very valuable commodity in this modern world. Choosing to become a life coach is a deeply fulfilling career that gives you the opportunity to carve out your own authentic niche, and wield the practical strategies essential to positive inner transformation.

Over and above the financial freedom a Life Coach enjoys, we listen, question, enlighten and “notice” change now! Take your first step toward the freedom of enjoying the benefits of your own sustainable, ethical, life coaching enterprise today and contact us for more.

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Francois Janse van Rensburg
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Chani van der Merwe
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Office Manager
Deserey Joubert
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