Become a Master Life coach in 14 Days

Become a Master Life coach in 14 Days

Your successful completion of the 9 Day experience means you are now ready to uncover the deeper mysteries behind becoming a master coach, and become a true specialist in human behavior modification and motivational realignment.

Let’s-Live coaches are naturally people centric and feel a compelling inborn need to help and encourage others. The 14 Day experience deals directly with the solutions that enable coaches to build stronger relationships and infuse people with a glowing new zest for life.

We offer world class Training experiences to Life Coaches and ensure they enjoy unrestricted access to the latest breakthroughs in mental science. This means that you are in the unique position to unleash your latent potential and boost the personal power of individuals who are ready to embrace the full benefits of a life lived on purpose.

Although coaching is a relatively new industry it has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years, and business coaches are the next hot corporate commodity on the list. The 14 Day experience is a guaranteed fail-safe system that equips you with the essential life skills and solid business acumen to affect positive behavioral outcomes, and inspire life affirming change everywhere you choose to practice.

The essence of the 14 Day experience serves to refine every aspect of coach training learned thus far, and will expand your sphere of influence by teaching you how to professionally coach executives, counsel scholars, and expand your own levels of compassion, strength and personal magnetism. You will also be privy to the most effective methods of leveraging your time and expertise, while also uncovering how to direct corporate entities and coach dynamic professionals.

The goal of Life and Business Coaching at this level is to help busy executives gain greater fulfillment, advise them on how to make their authentic gifts work harder, and ultimately drive them toward achieving more, quicker. A fully certified Life Coach is a professional friend and trusted personal connection that supports, demonstrates, and explains how individuals can achieve lasting success.

Upon completion of the 14 Day experience you will be a fully certified independent Master Coach with the advanced qualifications you need to start building your practice into a globally recognized source of Master NLP Coaching, Specialist Hypnotherapy, Master Time Line Healing, Expert Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Scholar Coaching, Motivational Speaking, and Advanced Communication science.

Once you receive your Life Coach Certification, you are ready to launch your own private practice and get Accredited by strategically aligning yourself with Life Coaches, professional Mentors, and a diverse community of Professionals from all over the world. If you are one of those rare individuals born with a will to succeed and a vision to aspire to, Let’s-Live can show you how to break new ground and become part of the most exciting and rewarding career any entrepreneur can wish for.

If Choosing to become a life coach sounds like a highly lucrative move toward securing your financial freedom, reach out and contact the Let’s-Live team for more today.

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Founder/Owner and Author of Let’s-Live Coaching
Francois Janse van Rensburg
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P.A to Francois Janse van Rensburg
Chani van der Merwe
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Office Manager
Deserey Joubert
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