Self-Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching Course:

Self-Discovery Master 2 – Life Coaching Course:

You are on the verge of becoming a specialist developer of human potential and an wise opener of avenues to personal fulfillment.

Our daily conflicts often arise from subtle differences in the beliefs and assumed actions of others, and when beliefs clash with personalities, chaos always ensues. The Master 2 Experience looks at the ideas around Identity, Belief and human relationships from a fresh new perspective and reveals the real reasons why people do the things they do and blurt out the things they know they shouldn’t.

You will be taught how to separate the real you from the persistent illusions around you, and know exactly how to resolve past issues and make an original authentic contribution to not only your own future but that of your community and loved ones too. You will also discover how your nervous system responds to your thoughts, how to naturally rejuvenate your body, and precisely how to position your internationally recognized career and benefit from your wider perspective immediately.

At its heart the curriculum cleans out the blocked emotional filters and finds more efficient and productive ways to guarantee personal and professional growth. The 3 day event is designed to challenge you both personally and professionally and takes you deeper into the practicalities of attracting the experiences, events and people that will lead you to a life not just lead by default, but celebrated on purpose.

The Master 2 Experience probes the depths of our inner wiring and includes dynamic, flexible and hands-on instruction that will help you to appreciate your mind, body and spirit in potent new ways. You will have in your possession the knowledge and proven steps to help you feel more confident and reach higher levels of achievement and bask in the glow of a higher self esteem.

Upon completion you will have a fundamental understanding of NLP coaching methods, Neuro-science, and quantum physics, and know how to inspire healthy, balanced and positive emotional states of consciousness in yourself and others. The course also includes your certification as a junior Life Coach and NLP practitioner.

The Let’s-Live methodologies are designed to provide you with the most effective tools for total personal transformation and about achieving unmistakable results NOW! Along with receiving your formal certification you will have the opportunity to celebrate your achievement with a real life board breaking session.

The freedom to make even more meaningful, insightful and inspired choices is yours for the taking. Contact us for more.

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