Live the high life 365 Days a year

Live the high life 365 Days a year

Now that you are a veritable specialist in the field of personal development technology and human behavior modification, you will learn how to direct your new found inner clarity and step into your own as a compassionate Life Coach Master, Spiritual mentor, and influential Christian leader.

The 365 Day experience gives you the opportunity to teach change and not merely preach principles. Once you have completed your Self Discovery Master 1 and 2 sessions and aced your 9 Day experience, you can skip the master coach training and go directly to the source. The full year training gives you the luxury of self study at your own pace and seamlessly integrates your scientific exploration with spiritual truth.

A spiritual mentor is someone who promotes healthy sustainable growth, and helps people to decide what they want out of life by encouraging them to dissolve the mirages holding them back, and openly share the true power and dynamic vitality of their inner potential.

A 365 training graduate is a professional ad-visor on matters dealing with the heart, mind, body and spirit. There need not be any separation between a sincere and talented spiritual guide and a highly rewarding and profitable business. Poverty is not a virtue the altruistic leader takes as proof of his commitment to the well being of others, because a wise master understands that abundance is an inalienable birthright and knows that there is no receiving without giving first.

Upon completion of the 365 Day experience you will feel the direct touch of divine inspiration and know how to use your natural abilities in powerful new ways. You will also be able to effortlessly cure phobias, eliminate harmful habits, banish faulty emotional patterns, council students, advice adults on how to overcome their fears, and guide couples, families and organizations to function in more productive and upstanding ways.

A spiritual mentor loves unconditionally, is able to swiftly inspire trust, and displays a genuine understanding of the hidden forces underlying the values, decisions, and actions of all people. The 365 Day spiritual adept mirrors the blueprint of each individual, and shows them how to fire up the magnificence already dwelling within.

Now that you are thoroughly familiar with what it means to be a dynamic Coach and truly inspirational spiritual mentor you are one step closer to reaping the rewards of a life based on service to your fellow man. A clear, unselfish, and focused will working with an enthused mind and excited heart can literally work miracles.

If you care about the well being of your prospects as much as you do about your own prosperity, you are moments away from living the magnificent life you always knew you were destined for.

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Founder/Owner and Author of Let’s-Live Coaching
Francois Janse van Rensburg
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P.A to Francois Janse van Rensburg
Chani van der Merwe
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Office Manager
Deserey Joubert
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