What is Substance Abuse?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse refers to patterns or behavior involving the excessive consumption of a chemical or drug. Individuals who suffer from substance abuse problems are highly prone to addiction to the narcotics or chemicals they consume, and may suffer from varying degrees of health complications, unless appropriate treatment is undertaken. Substance abuse often leads to individuals developing both, physical as well as psychological dependencies. People who exhibit patterns of substance abuse often experience a number of physiological and psychological withdrawal symptoms when deprived of the drug or chemical in question, for a prolonged period of time.

Substance abuse is a term that is usually used when referring to drugs that are deemed illegal. Typically, such substances have high addictive properties and can cause severe damage to both the mind as well as the body. Substance abuse is a common problem among many communities within the United States owing to the increased trade and accessibility of illegal narcotics. People who are suffering from substance abuse problems are encouraged to seek different forms of treatment depending on the nature of their conditions. Rehabilitation centers provide medical care and support to help individuals relieve themselves of their substance abuse problems.

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