What Is Self-Understanding?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What Is Self-Understanding?

Self-understanding, or self concept, is an image that you hold of yourself. While there are several factors that influence this image, they are mainly controlled by the interactions you have with important persons in your everyday life. Self-understanding and self-concept can be divided into two types – personal and social identity. Your personal identity includes different traits and characteristics that make you unique while social identity refers to your involvement and position in your community, religion, workplace, or other social groups.

Self-understanding or self-concept can be perceived in many variations. Some of the concepts that are commonly explored in self-understanding are self-image i.e. how you view yourself, self-esteem i.e. the way you value yourself and the ideal self, i.e. what you wish to become. When exploring the concept of self and self-understanding, several factors affect your reality i.e. the way you perceive yourself as opposed to who you really are.

When considering the theory of self-concept, six main domains influence your self-understanding. These domains include your social ability to interact, your competence levels to complete basic needs, your physical image of your fitness, health and overall look, your position in a family unit, your academic record and the awareness of your emotional health.

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