What Is Self-Talk?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What Is Self-Talk?

Selftalk is a psychological therapy that teaches you to approach and handle situations by controlling your own actions. Instead of viewing problems externally, self-talk involves understanding and correcting faulty thinking and irrational beliefs. Common beliefs that are considered irrational include seeking approval for everyone, expecting competence at everything, allowing external forces and other people to control your happiness quotient, defining yourself by your past and overreacting to situations that are not considered ideal.

With self-talk, you can learn to suspend these beliefs and take a positive, structured and confident approach to different situations in life. By handling a situation with the right attitude, you can enjoy better peace of mind and control these factors. Self-monitoring is a common solution that helps you think rationally and approach any situation with objectivity and positivity.

Self-talk involves many changes in your personal attitude and problem solving skills. One of the most important principles in self-talk is changing a statement or situation into a positive one and determining whether or not you are allowing external factors and people responsible for your negative behavior. To combat negative behavior, irrational beliefs and a general sense of blame, self-talk can help you keep track. With adequate practice, you can change the situation from a seemingly insurmountable problem into a plan with effective solutions.

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