What is Self-Confidence?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What is Self-Confidence?

The term “self-confidence” refers to the self-assured attitude an individual possess, which allows them to maintain a positive outlook about themselves. A self-confident individual tends to have faith in their own abilities and is normally in control of their own life. They hold a strong yet realistic belief that they can accomplish their goals in life if they put the right effort into it. Even when things don’t work out as expected or planned, self-confidence can help an individual maintain a positive attitude.

Harmful thoughts that influence self-confidence

Our self-confidence can be influenced by a number of external factors such as traumatic childhood incidents, social status, and more. These influences may trigger negative emotions and assumptions that could harm your self-confidence in many ways. Some of the most harmful thinking habits include:

  • negative self-labeling such as telling yourself that you’re a failure
  • expecting to be perfect all the time and bringing yourself down when you fail
  • believing that no one truly means it when they give you a compliment
  • expecting a bad thing to come with every good one
  • focusing only on the bad things and failing to see the good ones

There are many more negative thoughts and beliefs that could have a harmful impact on your self-confidence. You can work on fixing these negative thinking habits to maintain control of your life.

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