What Is Professional Development Goals?

Master CoachWhat Is Professional Development Goals?

Professional development goals are specialized plans that are chalked up to help you achieve certain objectives. These goals are generally specific in nature and cater to the unique career path you have chosen. However, these goals can also be divided into three general categories including job specific goals, skill set goals and education. Job specific professional development goals include tasks that fall under your responsibility as an employee. Skill specific goals are generally broader but still apply to a professional’s responsibilities in the workplace. Educational development goals, however, include specific steps taken to advance current subject knowledge.

Job specific goals are usually applicable to what you are already doing. These goals can be applied to your every day job like setting deadlines to complete a project or beat your previous sales record. You can also set goals to complete a fixed amount of work in a deadline. Skill set development goals normally involve enhancing multiple set of skills instead of focusing on a single task. An example of skill set development includes improving your efficiency in project management or becoming better at managing time for a multitude of tasks. These goals are typically broken down into smaller tasks or steps and can be easily achieved by completing each task in a time-efficient manner.

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