What Is Positive Self-Talk?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What Is Positive Self-Talk?

Self-talk is a practice of explaining different situations, opinions, and emotions to yourself. When you analyze your actions or behaviors, you may try to understand it by talking to yourself. While negative self talk is surprisingly easy to indulge in, positive self-talk takes discipline and reinforcement to form into a habit.

In most cases, people tend to view situations in a negative light and indulge in negative self talk. This practice involves internalizing bad events by self-blame, pessimism and overall negativity and positive events by externalizing them and considering them to be luck of draw. Negative self-talk is harmful to your demeanor as it reinforces the wrong set of ideals to live by.

Positive self-talk on the other hand focuses on seeing the brighter side of life and enjoying the little joys in even the most negative of situations. This includes minimizing the damage caused by negative events and considering them as isolated and temporary. When good things happen, positive self-talk includes internalizing these emotions and believing that the situation is likely to remain positive for a long time. Positive self-talk also focuses on considering good things as a permanent change and generalizing them to apply in other spheres of your life.

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