What is Personality Development?

What is Personality Development?

Every individual, young or old, has been subject to a unique set of experiences that has helped shaped his/her personality and character. However, it will not be fully accurate to say that our experiences completely define our personalities. We are still in control of the way in which we integrate these experiences into our personalities. We inevitably make a choice by viewing an experience from one perspective, over others. Over the course of our lives, our personalities are molded and solidified. It becomes more difficult to think in varying perspectives, owing to the fact that we have already created networks of thought, and habits that are ingrained into our psychological make-ups.

Many individuals believe that one cannot truly change beyond a certain age. Anything that we try to do to effect this kind of change will simply prove ineffective and futile. Simultaneously, nobody believes that they have a bad personality all the time. They may concede that they lose their temper on occasion, feel sad sometimes, or feel excessively bubbly at other times. However, the truth is that our true personalities are determined by our behavioral trends. It is true that each and every one of us is capable of experiencing a wide-range of emotions, but it is also important to acknowledge which ones prevail over others, most often.

Judging Yourself and Enhancing Your Personality

Importance of Communication

Developing one’s personality is inherently connected with the idea of developing one’s relationships with the people around him/her. Since you are typically the worst judge of your character, your only real barometer is the group of people around you. One of the most important ways to develop and enhance one’s personality is by improving one’s communication skills. Being able to communicate and convey complex feelings and emotions, effectively automatically puts you in good stead when you are entering into any kind of relationship.

Acknowledging Your Emotions

Moreover, being able to effectively manage such feelings and emotions, without repressing or ignoring them, is also extremely important for individuals who want to retain a healthy, positive personality. It is not uncommon to see individuals overreacting to different circumstances and situations, whether it is in the professional or the domestic sphere. One of the key ways to enhance your personality is to be conscious and mindful of the people around you, and the way that your presence and interactions are making them feel. In managing to do this, you will inevitably develop a sense of compassion and sympathy which will translate into other spheres of your life as well.

Personality development coaching is essentially a process whereby individuals attempt to appreciate themselves for who they are. When individuals are comfortable within their own skins, they are able to interact and communicate more effectively with the people around them, and leave better impressions of themselves wherever they go.

 Idea of Balance

Many schools of thought believe that personality development is tied into the idea of developing a balance in our daily lives. The idea is that we are subject to all kinds of natural emotions and feelings which should not be curbed. However, it is also important not to get carried away by one state of mind or another, and must always remember to maintain a balance. Excessively partaking in one state of mind, whether it may be anger or happiness is unhealthy for the mind, and can lead to a skewed perception of the environment and people around you.

Personalities can never be gauged or observed in a vacuum. They are always subject to our own thoughts, experiences, and circumstances. As such, developing one’s personality has more to do with re-wiring networks and patterns that we have created and perpetuated for ourselves, over the course of our lives. Personality development is an ongoing process, and cannot happen overnight.

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