What Is NLP?

What Is NLP?

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be defined as a method of using language and other forms of communication in influencing the behaviour of the brain. It was developed during the 1970s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. The aim of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is to make changes in our neurological processes, behavioural patterns, and languages in such a way that we are enabled to achieve certain goals set in life.

History of NLP

The development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming was mainly conducted at the University of California. The initial intention was to study the various methods used by psychotherapists in achieving ideal results. Eventually, the study developed and transformed into an entire methodology all on its own.

The main focus of the initial study involved a methodology known as modelling. Modelling is used for identifying and confirming certain aspects of an individual’s behaviour and state of mind as well as achieving specific results by making certain changes to these aspects. This approach focuses on finding a client who had found success in overcoming a particular problem and then sketching out a model based on that client.

Fritz Perls, Milton Erickson, and Virginia Satir became the main focus of the study. The basis of Neuro-Linguistic Programing was developed through the careful analysis of the patterns and approaches used by these three individuals for solving problems. Analysis was also made on the specific traits of each method developed by these individuals. This included speaking patterns, choice of words, postures, voice tones, eye movements, and gestures.

Transition of NLP into the modern world

During the early years of the creation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP seminars were regularly held, mainly attracting therapists. As time progressed, the use of NLP became more and more popular both in personal and professional aspects. This has led to the popularity of NLP sessions and training programs among artists, business people, and salespersons.

The first model published by Bandler and Grinder was the Meta model, containing an approach based on a response triggered by the syntactic elements of an individuals’ language. This made way for the development of the NLP tools and techniques used by professionals today. Although controversy arose during the 1980s with the two creators getting involved in intellectual property disputes, the issues were resolved by the end of the 1990s. Now, NLP is commonly used by therapists and coaching institutes to help individuals program their brains for a better chance of success.

Benefits of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be used to make positive changes in both your professional and personal lives as well as in your relationships with others. Here are some of the many ways NLP can benefit you:

  • You can learn how to identify any limiting beliefs and personal shortcomings that are preventing you from achieving excellence in all aspects of life. Upon identification of these setbacks, you can also learn how to let go of them and strive toward success without letting anything hold you back.
  • NLP teaches you how to use language with better precision and choose your words carefully, so you can communicate effectively with others. Effective communication is necessary for getting what you want in life.
  • You can learn useful methods of self-motivation as well as ways to motivate others around you.
  • Through NLP, you can learn to master your own emotions so that it is easier for you to handle all possibilities. This can have a positive impact on both your professional life as well as in your inter-personal relationships.

These are only a few of the many benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Let’s-Live Coaching provides quality training for individuals who are interested in mastering the useful technique of NLP. We can help you develop refined NLP skills, which are essential for personal and professional growth.

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