What Makes NLP So Effective?

What Makes NLP So Effective ?

The importance of effective communication in any relationship cannot be understated. Whether it is in the professional or personal realm, the ability to engage an individual to communicate a message comprehensively, based on the terms of the receiver is an extremely valuable asset to have. Research into human behaviour and communication practices have led people to develop a number of communication strategies or models of communication to be used in the real world. While these strategies have not been empirically proven, many applications of these theories have encountered significant success.

What is NLP?

A model of communication that has grown in popularity in recent years is that of neuro-linguistic programming. NLP, as it is commonly referred to, is based on a belief that an individual’s cognitive processes can be manipulated or directed so as to develop healthy behaviour and a greater sense of self-esteem. Although the technique has often been touted as ‘therapy’, many businesses across the world have integrated NLP techniques into their work practices to improve employee motivation levels and boost productivity.

The process of neuro-linguistic programming is premised on an understanding that an individual’s reaction to particular scenario or event is a function of past experiences and the neural pathways that are triggered in response to specific stimulation. NLP practitioners will look to identify trends or subtleties in an individual’s behaviour or communication that may reveal underlying insecurities or problems. They will then use a series of verbal or non-verbal communication techniques to ‘re-map’ an individual’s mind and change their reactions to different stimuli.

Modelling Excellence

Initial research into NLP was conducted by Richard Bandler and John Grinder during the 1970s. The ultimate idea was to create a model for excellence. They attempted to model the value and belief systems and the behaviour of individuals who had exhibited exceptional ability within a specific realm. Using these models as a basis for excellence, they attempted to use specific verbal and non-verbal cues to manipulate or direct an individual’s cognitive processes and behaviour so as to mimic their models.

In developing new neural networks and consequently new stimuli responses and behavioural trends, individuals were subconsciously affected, and experienced greater motivation and focus levels. One of the most common techniques in NLP is the use of strong and positive language. Individuals begin to characterize and frame their experiences using a form of linguistic structuring that is in keeping with NLP model of excellence. Verbal communication, as used by NLP practitioners, has proven to be extremely effective in transforming thought patterns and emotional mind-sets of individuals, to produce real and measurable results.

Effective Communication

NLP has also proven to be effective because the technique is typically specific to an individual. NLP understands that every individual comes with a unique set of experiences and as such cannot be treated using the same communicatory framework. NLP practitioners are able to identify the kind of language that resonate best within particular individuals, and structure their communication accordingly.

As such, NLP is useful in developing an element of trust between two individuals. NLP practitioners are particular sensitive to particular linguistic phrasings or body language. These cues give them valuable insight into the cognitive processes of different individuals. They are then able to tailor their own communication and behaviour in ways that engage their audience. They manage to do this in a number of ways. They are able to manipulate the context of an event or situation so as to allow people to gauge new perspectives and approaches, that otherwise may have been ignored.

NLP is also effective as part of sales training. Individuals working in sales need to be especially attentive to what potential customers might hint at or allude to. Salesmen will be required to ‘package’ their products using a turn of phrase that might appeal to a customer. NLP techniques are often integrated into sales training to improve employee productivity and customer conversions rates.

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