What Is Neuro Physics?

Self discovery master 2What Is Neuro Physics?

Neuro physics is a branch that falls under biophysics and deals with the study of the human nervous system. It is similar to neuroscience with a slight difference. While neuroscience studies the functions of the nervous system on a cognitive scale, neuro physics approaches these functions based on the understanding of the physical fundamental laws of nature. Neuro physics covers a number of phenomena like cellular mechanism, molecular functions, brain function theories, as well as the different measures and techniques that influence these brain functions.

Neuro physics deals with the basic understanding that the brain is comprised of atoms and molecules that behave in certain mannerisms. This branch of science deals with how these groups of atoms that create the nervous system work and deal with the processing of information. It also deals with the medical physics and studies different behaviors and properties of your central nervous system, comprising of the spinal cord and brain. Some of the most common functions that are studied under neuro physics include memory, perception, recognition of different patterns, consciousness, as well as intentionality.

Neuro physics is related to several other interdisciplinary branches of science including neural networks, neuroscience, neural coding, computational neuroscience, information theory, complex systems, and electrophysiology.

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