What Are Life Skills?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What Are Life Skills?

Life skills refer to a set of skills and techniques that can help you lead a better quality of life and equip you to handle different situations and achieve more. Allowing you to fulfil your potential, these life skills can include an indefinite set of skills that are relevant to your lifestyle. Whether in accordance with your culture, age, belief, these life skills are revolved around one thing – the ability to adapt and learn. When you learn new skills, you are more equipped to handle stressful situations and become more productive.

These skills are often learnt from real life situations but can also be adopted with special courses. Important life skills when it comes to handling your professional and personal life include listening skills, problem solving, communication, interpersonal relationships, dealing with negative changes, adopting positivity and many others. In other cases, life skills can involve improving your competence through literacy, numeracy, and other common skills essential in a working environment.

While the scope of life skills is generally very broad, they can include small details like stress management, time management, professional conduct, dealing with anger, improving self-esteem, working on your appearance, and building confidence. Other factors that are included in life skills include improving listening skills, communication skills, handling customers, managing your diet and exercise, minimizing distractions and fine tuning your people skills.

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