Life Coaching Certification and Training

Life Coaching Certification and Training

At Let’s-Live, we have designed our courses carefully to develop a new spirit of expression and thinking, to help the participants find a way to the inner core of their being. We are well acquainted with several personal development, self-development and life coaching techniques from over the world. The techniques we will teach you will make you a master coach and give you the tools to coach people, to perform better at their workplace and life.

What are the benefits of enrolling for our life coaching certification and training?

  • The accreditation and the certificates we give you are internationally recognized.
  • We will teach you the latest in coaching principles, concepts and tools.
  • We will teach you how to become more resourceful when you are coaching.
  • You will also learn skills that you would need for people and skill development.

We are proud to say that people from more than 40 countries have benefited from our advanced courses.

What is included in our course material?

Our course material includes content on self-development, Neuro-linguistic programming, self-discovery, positive thinking, quantum healing, hypnosis and health, business coaching, detection and analysis of micro expression and much more. Our material is based on the work of life coaches and self and personal development writers like Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Bobby Bodenhammer, Richard Bandler and many others.

When we give you the title of a life coach, we take you beyond academic achievements, certificates and diplomas. When we make someone a life coach, we ensure that the person is well trained and equipped to bring lasting and effective change in others. The title of a life coach is one of great responsibility and comes with its own code of ethics and conduct. A life coach is a person who promotes growth, healing, wealth, personal development and change. All coaches who intend to become life coaches and want to enrol into the 9 Days Life Coaching Certification process, have to complete our Self Discovery Master 1 and Self Discovery Master 2 courses.

9 Days Life Coaching Certification

You will already have a strong foundation at this point. In this course, we will give a visible definition to it and enhance your power to communicate with understanding and power. Practical exercises will be conducted every day, to enrich you and to maximize your confidence to mentor and coach people.

On the first day, participants will learn about life coaching, techniques, basic principles to create lasting change. A special video on self-development and motivation will also be shown. The second day will contain sessions on the art of life coaching, decision making, empowerment and more. A video on personal coaching and life coaching is shown.

On the third day, we will begin with an introduction to Neuro-linguistic programming. The rest of the day, we will take you deeper into the concept with sessions on rapport, sub modalities and communication model. The fourth and the fifth day are also dedicated to NPL and you will learn about meta models, perceptual positions, embedded command, anchoring, S.M.A.R.T goal setting, strategies and representational systems.

The sixth day, we will teach you about micro expressions coding such as body language, non verbal communication and more. On the seventh day, you will learn about techniques for time quintessence which will begin with an introduction, you will also learn about how to stimulate healing and more.

The eighth day is about hypnosis and health. You will learn about hypnosis, deepening techniques, how to prepare for trance, and suggestibility tests. On the last day, you will learn how to set up a life coaching business with legal aspects, accreditation, marketing and seminars. All participants who successfully complete the program will receive seven certificates for life coaching and a Let’s-Live coaching jacket.

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