What is Lie Detection?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 1What is Lie Detection?

Lie detection is a collection of questioning techniques used along with technology which records physiological functions in order to find out the truth and deception as a response. Lie detection is generally used by the police and other law enforcement branches of the government. A wide range of technologies exist to help lie detection. The polygraph is the most recognizable and famous among all of them.

The Polygraph

A polygraph is essentially a combination of medical devices used to track changes that occurs within the human body. The subject undergoing a lie detector test is asked questions related to a certain incident or event. The questioner then sees how the person’s respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate and electro dermal activity vary when compared with normal levels. Fluctuations may be a sign of deception. But this assumption is subject to interpretation.

Lie detection can also be used by employers to screen prospective employees. Many government entities require candidates to undergo a polygraph exam. The polygraph examination itself is designed to search for involuntary responses that occurs in a person’s body when the individual is put under stress. Deception is considered a form of stress. However, the machine is unable to detect if a person is actually lying or not.

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