Why Let’s Live Wellness Coaching?

Why Let’s-Live Wellness Coaching?

Francois Janse van Rensburg, founder and owner of Let’s-Live Coaching laid foundation of this coaching institute with one primary aim – to help individuals who are struggling with the trials and tribulations of today’s hectic lifestyle find their inner source of peace, strength, and wellbeing. Today, we are a rapidly growing alliance that takes great pride in reflecting that we have assisted thousands of people from different nations achieve their personal or professional goals.

All caching programs offered by Let’s-Live Coaching are acknowledged and approved by the Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals. Additionally, to make sure you find nothing but the best and most useful wellness and life coaching and training, we constantly keep learning and developing new skills on our own.

One practice fundamental to Let’s-Live Coaching is appreciating and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. And that is why you will find customized coaching with us that has been tailored specifically for you. We have dedicated our lives to others and find utmost joy in helping others fulfil their dreams. Keeping in line with the same, Let’s-Live Coaching supports many orphanages in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and like to think that our initiative makes a pleasant difference in the lives of other people.

Features of Let’s-Live wellness coaching program

Our wellness coaching has been tailored to provide integrated nutrition and lifestyle coaching for people in the demanding corporate world. We promote overall health solutions in companies which include comprehensive details about proper utilization of organic foods, water and also include services for improving the overall look and feel of your company.

Our wellness coaching program entails the following

  • Educating and training to obtain a healthy body

We understand how busy life is for you and have included techniques, tips, and tricks aimed at helping a busy person maintain keep a healthy approach towards diet and exercise.

You will learn about healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods, nutritious super foods, healthy ways to consume sugar, caffeine, proper ways to eat, fast and detoxify if needed. List of food allergies, list of good fats and bad fats, quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients you should consume, depending upon your ideal weight according to height, metabolism, family illness history etc. will be provided to ensure that you have all information needed to prevent yourself from falling into the grip of addictive, unhealthy food, and risky lifestyle.

You’ll learn how to assess your lifestyle, high risk behavior, addiction to unhealthy foods and drinks, so as to identify the areas of concern first. Post assessment, your wellness coach from Let’s-Live Coaching will help you plan your meals, do yoga, cure food allergies and sensitivities. Along with educating about the importance of a nutritious diet, we take care to educate you about the importance of proper exercise, timely rest and sound sleep.

  • Educating and training to obtain a healthy mind

While the primary purpose of exercise may be achieving a healthy body, our coaches at Let’s- Live Coaching understands the importance of having a peaceful and calm mind. We are experts in stress prevention and with our wellness coaching you’ll learn how to do yoga for obtaining inner peace, how to beat fatigue, anxiety and gloominess to name a few things. Our wellness coaching also aims to help you find your inner source of power, strength and peace through self-discovery and introspection.

Come learn with Let’s-Live Coaching how to set realistic, tangible, and attainable goals and how to achieve the goals with the help of a healthy body, calm, serene and stress free mind and an elevated and energetic spirit.

  • Miscellaneous services

Additionally, to ensure your work environment is relaxing we assist you with choosing corporate colours and décor for your workspace, educate employees about the benefits of plants, music and an overall cheerful atmosphere at work, look into healthy food options, organic vitamins and any other specialized coaching needs that your organization may have.

At Let’s-Live Coaching you’ll find personal training sessions for corporates and special customized retreats or weekend getaways to help you rejuvenate and revitalize.

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