Now, before you start panicking… – STOP – Take a deep breath – and add the word “UP” to the end of that blood-curdling subject line. Amazing how two simple letters can take you from horror-shock to euphoric-relief in mere seconds, isn’t it?

Can you think back to the first day you started working here? Remember how excited you were to prove yourself, how eager you were to help everyone and how ready you were to rise to every new challenge? What if there was a way to get every person in your company feeling like that every day. What if they showed up 10 minutes early because they could not wait to help your company become a formidable legend in your own time.

Our affordable personal and professional skills development courses are designed to turn your workers into decisive, responsible and morally upstanding leaders that think on their feet, make more responsible decisions and do the right thing, the right way, the first time, every time. We carefully fuse the science of motivation with the art of inspiration and nurture our students in a warm, safe and supportive environment.

Firing up your workforce will result in increased profits, a reduction in sick leave and a harmonious work environment for all. This combination spells out profit in big bold letters but would you recognise a dedicated and inspired team if you ever saw one. For all you know they might be right under your nose just waiting for you to make the first decisive move.

Show me the manager who says no to a fresh new culture built on balance, co-operation, mutual respect and harmony. We don’t blabber through a microphone, pass out cheap photo copies and hope for the best. We uplift, enthuse and inspire people to tap into their own personal power, and guide them along a sustainable path toward positive action and permanent change.

We offer several vibrant high energy training sessions and certification courses where our coaches will engage and interact with your team in a fashion that will have you fraught with envy for not being there but keep your team rallied up for months to come. Our training ranges from Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Executive and Business Coaching, Scholar and Student Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring.

Our widely successful Self-Discovery Master 1, Master 2 and 9 Day training courses can turn your employees into fully certified in-house Life or Business Coaches and is an investment in that much overlooked precious commodity called your people and their ongoing commitment to your cause. Give the employees in your care the life changing opportunity to attend one of the best Personality and Self-Development experiences of their lives and start practising that mysterious smile for when the boss finds out how much he has benefited from yet another one of your perfectly timed bright ideas.

Unleash the potential of your people today!

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Deserey Joubert
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