Leadership Development For Team Leaders and Supervisors

MENTORINGLeadership Development For Team Leaders and Supervisors

One question that often arises in this context is, do you need special leadership development training if you’re already a team leader or supervisor? After all, isn’t leadership the same as being a team leader or a team supervisor?

No it most certainly is not. Though often used interchangeably, leadership is in no way related to your position in the company, seniority, hierarchy or the title of a team lead or supervisor. These titles and positions may make you the boss, but the leader? No, they don’t.

Say you are the senior most executive at your place of work or are the lead/supervisor of the biggest team. Leadership does not automatically happen at this stage. To become a leader and to demonstrate excellent leadership, you need to train in social influence and the techniques of maximizing the efforts of your team members in achieving a certain goal to become a leader.

Why should team leaders and supervisors be trained for leadership?

Team leaders and supervisors are responsible for managing resources in an organization – the workforce, time, money, space, and other hard assets. They plan for their team, coordinate, monitor and measure team performances, solve problems and even hire or fire people.

What makes leadership training especially relevant to them is the fact that management is not leadership. You may be a good manager, directing twenty people under you. But as long as your presence doesn’t make them strive to achieve more, maximize their productivity and increase their performance in relation to their maximum untapped potential you are not a leader.

In the words of Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, a leader is he who makes possible an environment where individuals can dream to change the world and actually believe that they can do so.

A team lead or supervisor who is not only a good manager but also a good leader is a great asset to any organization. Under the leadership of such a supervisor or team leader, employees at the organization feel valuable and important to the organization. They understand the goals and visions of the organization and their own relevance to those goals. Corporate culture develops automatically under great leadership and needn’t be forced. Communication is non-confrontational, open and effective, problem solving easy and employee satisfaction high. Employees are motivated to go the extra mile and use skills and talent to their fullest potential.

On the other hand, in the absence of good leadership the entire organization begins to crumble. Confusion, frustration, misinformation and ambiguity take over easily because of the lack of proper communication between team leads or supervisors and the employees. They are not aware of the organization’s key business objectives and are clueless about how they fit the bigger picture. Their morale, self-worth, confidence and satisfaction is low and they turn to nitpicking and tearing each other down. In the presence of rumors, office politics and dirty games, corporate culture becomes meaningless and limited to the instances where employees are forced to shake hands with each other.

The leadership development program at Let’s Live

We at Let’s-Live Coaching have understand the advantages of having a great leader. Under the leadership of Francois Janse van Rensburg we have mastered the art of awakening power from within. Our lives are now dedicated to making opportune improvements in your life by helping you efficiently carry out your roles and responsibilities in the personal and professional field.

The leadership development program at Let’s-Live Coaching has been especially designed to enable team leaders and supervisors become great leaders. We understand that effective communication is more than the ability to speak or write properly – it is understanding the spoken and unspoken needs and concerns of employees. We understand that proper strategizing is more than planning ahead of time to meet deadlines – it is to assign work to employees according to their talents and abilities. We understand that motivation is more than just a pep talk – it is helping employees discover new qualities that they didn’t even know they had.

Use the leadership development for team leaders and supervisors by Let’s-Live to change the lives of those working under you and be recognized as an enabler, a trusted and respected leader – not just a boss.

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