What is Hypnosis ?

Master HypnoterapistHypnosis : What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is one of the many techniques we use at Let’s Live Life Coaching to motivate and transform our clients in different ways. In conjunction with our other techniques including NLP training, hypnosis allows us to bring about a lasting positive change in clients that may be described as transformative. However, to say that NLP is the same as hypnosis is not really accurate. Hypnosis is described as a human experience phenomenon that occurs naturally. When therapeutic aspects are added to this natural event, we have hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis grants access to the inner mind

Hypnosis is a very effective technique that is often used to gain access to the inner mind of an individual. This access may be necessary for many reasons. However, in most cases, through hypnosis the client wishes to:

  • change his response pattern to specific situations/ occurrences/ environments
  • develop a skill/ strength that he/ she believes he/ she lacks
  • eliminate certain emotional/ psychological barriers and limitations
  • enhance certain skills/ talents that may be hidden or that are not used optimally

There may be several other reasons that drive an individual to seek hypnosis or hypnotherapy. However, all of these share a similar trait that requires them to access their inner minds or subconscious. This is the basis of hypnosis, to communicate with the inner mind with a view to bringing about positive changes.

How does hypnosis influence the inner Mind?

The inner mind or the unconscious mind are not just accessed with ease through hypnosis but also influenced easily by this technique. When we are conscious and aware, we involuntarily block access to this part of our mind or conscious thus preventing any lasting changes from being made at this level of our psyche. However, our skilled coaches are able to overcome these barriers to present hypnotic suggestions indirectly so that positive changes may be initiated in the inner mind.

The sub conscious or inner mind is, in reality, highly literal, childlike and easily influenced. The individual’s creativity also lays in this part of the mind and so does his/her ability to change behavioral patterns, cognitive abilities and emotional responses. Since hypnosis allows access to this deeply embedded segment of our mind, it gives us a tool with which to shape and influence all these functions significantly.

Hypnosis and its connection with NLP

There is a connection between hypnosis and NLP and this can be traced back to famed American psychiatrist Milton Hyland Erickson. Dr. Erickson is perhaps the most famous hypnotist of all times and he brought about seemingly miraculous cures merely by talking to his patients. He believed that the unconscious mind is always aware and open to suggestions, constantly learning. It devolves that, in this state, the unconscious mind is also open to suggestions that will have a hypnotic effect provided these suggestions impact the inner mind with the right intensity. This belief laid the foundation for Dr. Erickson’s ability to use a normal conversation as a powerful hypnotic tool to plant positive thoughts and constructive suggestions in the subconscious.

His successful approach in hypnosis and hypnotherapy was broken down by Richard Bandler and John Grinder to create the series of techniques that are termed as Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP.

Hypnosis and NLP may share the same purpose

Although they are not the same, hypnosis and NLP may share the same purpose, reprogramming an individual to enhance his/her personality, behavior, attitudes, perceptions and more. Unlike hypnosis, NLP may not be a scientifically or medically proven branch of study. However, both have the ability to exert immense influence on the psyche of an individual, shaping his/her responses to various life situations in the right way.

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