Are There Different Types And Techniques For Life Coaching?

Are There Different Types And Techniques For Life Coaching?

Life coaching covers all aspects of your life and includes professionals that help you find the right way. This career path covers almost all aspects including education, career, business, love, family, relationships, health as well as personal well-being. If you choose to remain flexible and listen to your life coach, you can clarify a number of conflicts in your life and create change.

Types of life coaching: How your coach can assist you

Life coaching can be offered by professionals in a number of methods including:

  • Short term coaching 
  • Career life coaching
  • Education life coaching 
  • Personal/ Spiritual life coaching

Depending on your current and future needs, you can choose life coaches that specialize in certain life aspects, whether career, education, relationships or personal growth.

Short term life coaching: If you are looking for short term changes in the future, you can approach a general life coach to help balance and simplify your life. To get the best help from a life coach, you can present your job information, current situation and salary information. Apart from essential details, you should also share your ambitions with your life coach. With the existing information, a life coach can help you accomplish short term goals like improving your health, paying off debts, investments, curbing bad habits etc.

Career life coaching: If you are changing your career midway or going through a drastic change in your employment, you may need additional support from a professional. Whether you have been laid off or given an important managerial position, you can make the best of your situation with valuable advice from a life coach. Along with managing lifestyle changes, relocation or starting over fresh, a life coach can help you keep sight of your goals and ensure your success.

Education life coaching: If you or a loved one is currently studying and worrying about life after college, a life coach can put things into perspective. Based on your current education, your life coach provides a number of employment options or further education that is bound to help you. By sharing your academic strengths as well as personal interests, your life coach conducts a thorough research of course fees, marketing potential, scholarships and grants.

Spiritual life coaching: Owing to the stress caused by your personal or professional life, you may feel uneasy and tired. A spiritual life coach can help you get in touch with your optimistic and spiritual side to bring about peace of mind and happiness. By helping you understand your strengths and weaknesses, a spiritual life coach can bring about personal and spiritual growth.

Different techniques of life coaching

A qualified life coach mainly relies on their compassion and empathy to connect with you and help you find solutions in life. To bring about these changes, a life coach may adopt a number of techniques and tools to help you introspect and realize your own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike clinical psychology, life coaching does not deal with treatment of past problems, but tapping the potential of the present and the future. Some of the most popular techniques used by life coaches include:

  • Hypnosis
  • Self help
  • Personal development
  • Verbal/ non-verbal communication
  • Positive thinking
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Achievement and motivation psychology
  • Development and discovery
  • scientific analysis and exploration
  • Quantum healing
  • Relationship science
  • Micro-expression analysis
  • Human behaviour modification
  • Corporate and business coaching

Other common and everyday tools used by life coaches to help their clients include regular journaling to help them keep track of progress. This ensures that you are always motivated to achieve your goal. Regular journaling and homework assignments given by life coaches also serve as important tools for positive reinforcement.

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