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Let’s begin with a simple exercise. Think of the five biggest corporations today or, as an easier option, think about Apple, Ford Motor, the Walmart stores, Exxon Mobil, and Phillips 66. What do these corporation have in common?

These companies are included in the top 10 of Fortune 500’s list of biggest, most profitable corporates of 2013. Okay, let’s think a little deeper and bring to mind another common link between these companies. They have all flourished under the leadership of highly influential, charismatic, and dynamic leaders.

The need for development corporate leadership

Effective leadership or its lack, has far reaching consequences on a corporation. Lack of effective leadership not only reduces productivity of employees on an individual level and brings down your business’s revenues, but it also results in high employee turnover rate, reduced market share, and poor brand image to name a few.

So what is the best method to avoid these ill-fated consequences? A corporate leadership development programme from a well reputed firm. Luckily for us, great leaders are made and not born. Investing in a leadership development programme is a wise move that will help you energize your workplace with influential team and group leaders.

Global management consultancy the Hay Group conducted a study in 2004 about the major components of employee satisfaction. The study revealed that there were a total of seventy five such factors. Employees’ confidence and trust in top leadership topped the chart and surfaced as the single most dependable predictor of their satisfaction in an organization.

The corporate leadership development programme provided by Let’s-Live your company will enable your company to attract and keep talented professionals, improve employee morale, and motivation, increase productivity and revenues and build a better brand image and stronger brand power.

What you get from the corporate leadership development programmes at Let’s-Live

Our corporate leadership development programme is aimed at transforming you from the position of the boss and making you an effective leader. Is a boss different from a leader? Yes he is. As the manager, team lead, or supervisor of a group of employees at your work, you may be the boss of those working under your jurisdiction. This does not necessarily mean you are their leader.

While a boss is concerned with getting things done, goals accomplished and deadlines met by the team, a leader uses a more holistic approach. He is an enabler who inspires his team, without bossing them around, to achieve bigger goals, get better results, meet tighter deadlines and so on. Your Let’s Live coach is going to train you in all techniques and traits required to make you the leader and not just the boss.

Our programme includes trust and confidence building exercises to improve the employee satisfaction rates of your corporation. Researches suggest that impressive and compelling communication related to a trio of three key areas is instrumental to achieving organizational confidence and trust. These include effectively communicating:

  • Corporation’s overall strategy for business
  • Employees’ role and contribution in helping the corporation achieve its business objectives
  • Performance of the corporation as a whole as well as the employee’s particular division.

With the corporate leadership development programme at Let’s-Live, you will be able to advantageously communicate in these three key areas, helping your team members understand what is expected of them, and also helping them find the inner strength and motivation needed to meet and exceed these expectations. You will learn of the most impressive ways of being technically proficient in your job, understanding human nature, and the needs and motivations of your employees in particular, strategizing well for your team members, ensuring that the tasks set out by you get understood, supervised, and also accomplished, motivating team members and making them proactive, responsible and capable.

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