Why Consider Wellness Coaching in Your Company?

Why Consider Wellness Coaching in Your Company?

If you are wondering why you should consider wellness coaching in your company, the answer is simple – you must consider this because healthy employees are an asset to your company and unhealthy employees a liability. Doctors Carl Lavie and Richard Milani studied 185 employees of a single employer. The employer had hosted a wellness coaching for the participants who were trained by a professional team in exercising, among other health care routines, for six months.

At the end of wellness coaching, 57% of those participants who were deemed high risk due to their blood pressure, body fat, anxiety levels and other related measures, were converted to low risk. Insurance claims reduced by $1421 per employee, in comparison to the previous year. All in all, the employer gained $6 as health care savings for every dollar he invested in the wellness coaching program for his company.

A control group that received no wellness coaching showed no such improvements.

The expenses of poor employee health

Have you ever quantified the losses associated with poor employee health that your company incurs? To understand the hard benefits of using wellness coaching for your employees, consider the impact of poor employee health in relation to your company. Following are some of the direct consequences of poor employee health and the absence of a wellness program:

  • Frequent absenteeism
  • High rates of employee turnover
  • Increased insurance costs 
  • Unproductive or out rightly unprofitable management results
  • Reduced motivation and poor self-esteem in the work force

Each of these consequences is a major liability for your company and directly result in reduced revenues, also increased losses. On the other hand, consider the case where your employees are healthier, fall sick and remain absent from work less often. Your insurance costs reduce, management plans and results are put into action with increased efficiency and the overall productivity and performance of employees improves. You are able to attract and retain top employees and turnover rates for your company reduce.

Besides, you see a marked increase in the energy level of your employees. Their passion for work, motivation and attitude towards reaching and exceeding goals improve – something that you can measure tangibly in profits resulting due to better performance and increased productivity.

How wellness coaching works

Health and wellness coaching covers three spheres of wellness – wellness of the body, the mind, and spirit.

Wellness of the body is aimed at helping employees deal with their current health issue, avoid the re-emergence of past health problems and prevent the onset of health problems in the future. Your health and wellness coach will educate employees of the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Employees are encouraged to and taught how to change high risk behaviors in order to decrease major health risks. Unhealthy conditions like obesity, addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, lack of exercise or bad body image and posture, to name a few are done away with to increase the physical health of employees at your company.

Wellness of the mind is centered on reducing stress and improving the self-confidence and motivation of employees. Over eating, unhealthy snacking, and stress are some reasons that lead to a depressed and unmotivated mind. Wellness of the mind promotes confidence and self-worth, boosting the morale of your employees.

Wellness of the spirit is concerned with an overall feeling of good health and wellness. Employees learn how to build better relationships at work, have a positive frame of mind, communicate effectively, and handle conflicts and confrontations in the most conducive manner.

Post wellness coaching for the company, your employees will be well educated and trained in maintaining a healthy lifestyle – good diet, proper exercise, good rest, stress management, natural weight loss, improved sleep, and so on.

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