Why Train Managers Into Coaches?

Why Train Managers Into Coaches?

A number of major corporations across the world are taking an increasing amount of time and effort to redefine their work cultures and develop new communication practices. This trend towards a more collaborative work culture has been brought about by a new understanding that companies can only fully optimize their human resource pool, if their employees are motivated to perform their responsibilities to the highest standards and feel secure in their workplace.

Managers are responsible for the kind of work environment that is created within an organization. As such, they are the ones held accountable when a business endeavor encounters success or failure. Managers bear the entire weight of their subordinates on their shoulders as they have to take responsibility for them. As such, it is important that a company’s higher ranking managers be equipped with the right skills and techniques to get the very best out of their workforce.

Coaching managers can therefore be beneficial in a number of important ways, but two key benefits are always cited:

Confidence Building

The first benefit of coaching training relates to its influence on the confidence of a manager. Managers may have the experience and knowledge to handle a particular department or team, but may lack the skills to communicate relevant techniques and procedures. Failing to effectively communicate tasks and visions, can lead to serious operational inefficiencies.
Business coaching will not only train individuals in the skills that they need, but will develop their confidence in using them as well. Managers have to act as leaders and set examples for the workforce. When a manager has the respect and trust of the workforce, day to day operations are likely to be much smoother and efficient. Confidence is contagious. Managers must be aware, however, that adopting new styles of management can be a challenging process that takes practice.

Better Workers

When managers are able to communicate the long term or short term objectives of a company, and the roles that each employee plays within the grander scheme of things, there is an element of trust that develops within the work culture. This transparency can allow workers to express themselves more freely without having to worry about whether their jobs are secure, or whether they are working in the right way. A manager who is an excellent communicator, and who can speak to a diverse range of individuals on their own terms, is a valuable asset to any organization.

Business coaching will give managers the opportunities to hone their coaching skills and clarify any doubts they may have with regard to varied management styles. They will view expert-coaching at play first hand, and learn to integrate these practices into their own styles. Once managers have been trained into coaches, they become handy resources for the company with respect to future training and mentoring.

Pillars Of Support

The value that employees derive from having strong relationships with their superiors cannot be taken for granted. If managers have the right skills and techniques to listen to the feedback, criticisms or issues that employees raise, and respond to them in a sympathetic manner, employees will feel more valued within an organization. Employees develop a sense of pride in their jobs and become loyal to the company. The management style used in dealing with employees within the workforce can be a critical factor in determining a company’s employee retention rate. Managers with business coaching make better ambassadors and symbols of the company itself. Moreover, managers who can inspire their workforce to find solutions on their own, thereby enabling personal and professional growth, are exceptionally valued by businesses.

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