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If you are a business owner or just an astute outsider looking in, you will agree that it takes more than raw talent to transform a business. A holistic approach that addresses the workings of a business and its people, is critical to facilitating a culture of corporate excellence. Here’s where Let’s-Live Business Coaching comes in. We mentor executives and employees in realizing their full potential and meeting organizational goals. Our professional business coaching South Africa has helped professionals and companies overcome obstacles, do what needs to be done and view problems with a fresh pair of eyes.

See the bigger picture

For some, business coaching is about stepping up their game; for others, it’s about setting things right. No matter what your issue or objective, you can count on our business training to deliver the value you expect. We incorporate proven, scientific methodology into engaging courses that make the learning experience fun and enlightening. Break free from a myopic thinking – plan your strategic moves after assessing the big picture.

Our business training South Africa has assisted businesses in:

  • Giving productivity a boost
  • Managing conflicts smartly and empathetically
  • Bolstering leadership skills to motivate employees and drive change
  • Gaining the confidence to rise to emerging and complex challenges
  • Adopting an optimistic frame of thinking where possibilities are welcomed and not feared

Gold-standard business coaching goes beyond theory and qualifications to emphasize practical experience in educating learners. Our business coaches have a high IQ and EQ, years of boots-on-the-ground experience interacting with business owners and corporate professionals across diverse industries, and a keen understanding of human psychology. We are friendly mentors with a passion for excellence and your best interests at heart.

Certification courses from Let’s-Live Business Coaching empower professionals

Forge a partnership with us and pick up key coaching skills that you can leverage in your day-to-day business or share with individuals to facilitate positive transformations. As part of our business coaching courses South Africa, we offer basic courses, namely

  • Management Courses
  • Become a Business Coach
  • Become a NLP Business Coach and
  • Become an Expert in Human Lie Detection and Deception Leakage Course.

Our specialist courses include

  • Become an Executive Coach
  • Become a Master Business Coach
  • Become a Master NLP Business Coach and
  • Become a Master in Communication Science.

To learn more about our executive or NLP business coaching courses South Africa, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our outcome-based courses ensure that you experience a measurable impact and nurture dormant skills to make rewarding decisions in the present and future.

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