Where Being and Doing become one.

Let’s-Live was formed with the soul purpose of empowering individuals to achieve and guide organisations to prosperity. Through a dynamic blend of proven psychological mastery and high-energy interactive techniques, our certified Business and Life Coaches build inspirational relationships between employees and manifest lasting change in businesses.

We uplift, enthuse, and inspire individuals and groups to tap into their own personal greatness, and guide them along a sustainable path toward achieving life-affirming change. We facilitate and encourage the unfolding of a new and longer lasting awareness of the power we all have within.

The Let’s-Live Business Coaching program improves productivity, encourages accountability and provides on-going one-on-one support in character development. This means that a long-term partnership with a Let’s-Live Business and Life Coach will ensure your workforce continues to add more value, and smash the barriers holding them back from 100% efficiency at work and at home.

We offer a wide range of exhilarating courses and the globally renowned Let’s-Live Certification Programs are geared toward turbo boosting productivity, nurturing leadership skills, personality development and manifesting tangible results for individuals and companies ready to rise to the challenge of life in the 22nd century and beyond.

Our professional Business Coaches help top executives all over the world get more organized, and achieve more success faster than they can ever hope to create on their own. Through our scientifically proven methods we offer fun, exciting and truly unforgettable experiences that put the buzz back into those bodies and teach your team how to think deeper, reach further, do more, and bridge differences quicker.

A successful company’s greatest asset is its workforce. Businesses need to attract the right talent, nurture their personal strengths and encourage their achievements because a happy and focused workforce means a healthy and growing bottom-line. Our fail-safe scientific approach and proven psychological methodology will take your workforce to heights never dreamt of.

Never in human history has the people had so much influence over the greatness of corporations. Business coaching helps to translate knowledge into ideas and intentions into reality. Just imagine what a close knit force of tuned up, plugged in and turned on leaders can mean for the future of your company.

Welcome to the most effective methods for creating positive transformation.


  • We guide perspectives to match objectives.
  • Learn how to Live the Life and the power will come.
  • We echo the possibilities and unleash the power.

Ready for a Motivation Make-over?

Encourage your people to achieve.

Let’s-Live business coaching is about unmistakable results NOW!

We demonstrate change and manifest visible results.

Smash the barriers holding you back from your dreams.

Dynamic, flexible and efficient skills development for everyone.

This is the change you are waiting for.

Begin a new culture in your company, today.

Love and Lead your life to greatness.

Ready to learn the secrets of how to dissolve stress and resolve conflicts with anyone, anywhere, anytime?

Introducing the most effective methodologies for personal and professional transformation.

Personal inspiration and dynamic vitality at your beck and call.


Unleash the power waiting within

We look up to and hold out for heroes because they give. No name worthy of praise has ever attained any measure of greatness without service to his fellow man. Let’s-Live coaching has scoured the globe and pulled together a formidable group of the most highly sought after life coaches and business trainers to do just that.

To give. To inspire, to encourage, to contribute and to unleash the potential that brings lasting positive change in people’s personal and professional lives. But action always trumps potential. Each Let’s live speaker explores the human condition from a different perspective and imparts the vital knowledge and techniques to anyone possessing the sheer courage to succeed.


Self expression means self confidence

The Let’s-Live team building program is a dynamic blend of high energy interactive activities and practical communications training. We offer a wide range of events geared toward boosting the morale and wellbeing of your workforce through hands on training and interactions that deliver definite results.

With packages tailored to meet your company’s objectives, Let’s Live can infuse your employees with a new zest for life and turbo boost productivity with methods designed to build stronger relationships and affect a lasting positive change in every participant.


Happiness is a by-products of a life lived on purpose.

When it comes to the art of persuasion, the “old ideas” are still the most effective. Why? Because selling is about communicating with people, and people are pretty much the same today as they were yesterday. With one big exception. Mass communication has become a digital nervous system connecting the world and the web is the interface through which customers can now access anything and everything with lightning speed. That means the information and super secret sales techniques once so closely guarded, are now out in the open and in the customers hands. Customers no longer respond to clever tactics or sneaky tricks.

The sales professional must now make way for a new breed of master communicator. One that cares about the wellbeing of his prospects as much as he does about making profit. Everything is moving away from the selfish sale and the impulse buy and toward building a mutually beneficial partnerships and nurturing those relationships with corporate responsibility and trust. If you are a professional persuader and determined to polish your interpersonal skills a Let’s-Live Sales Coach can help you stand out from the crowd and speak with courage and conviction.


Mastering the subtle science of positive change.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is when the science of mind is applied to the art of language to gain a positive change in behaviour, and much more. Through replicable principles and innovative techniques NLP demystifies human activity in a way that enable every individual to make deep and unmistakable changes quickly and easily. NLP has the profound raw capacity to train that little voice in your head to work for you in all aspects of life instead of robbing you from the abundant opportunities waiting to be seized all around you. At it’s core NLP is not a form of therapy, it is a progressive way to learn how to sharpen and wield your natural abilities in exciting and compelling new ways.


Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we each have subtle unconscious facial expressions that hint at the emotions we are experiencing in any given moment. When we communicate face to face Micro-Expressions flash by so quickly that most people are totally unaware that an involuntary muscular contraction even took place. Micro-Expression Analyses training uses these facial clues and formulates a practical system whereby the practitioner can reliably gauge emotional states and determine truthfulness with astonishing accuracy. Imagine a green whale. Did your eyes moved up and to the left? What colour was your first toy? You can stop squinting now…


Magic happens when being and doing are the same.

Humans come stock standard with these weird things called emotions. When these feelings are not expressed they build up like a pressure cooker and explode when you least expect it. Science is slowly waking up the eternal truth that thoughts are charged with limitless power and each emotion, physical movement, and perception has its own unique qualities and characteristics.

A Let’s-Live trainer can show you how to successfully navigate and make sense of these delicate forms of communication, and teach you how to unleash your personal power. This is one of the most effective methodologies for total transformation. Nature teaches that something with no life or purpose vanishes quickly, but a focused will joined to an energised mind can literally work miracles.


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