What is addiction?

Let's-Live Exam-Pads 5What is addiction?

Addiction can be defined as an uncontrollable urge to indulge in certain activities. While the definition is most commonly used for dependence on addictive substances like alcohol, medication or drugs, it can also be applied to behaviors. Behavioral addiction can include gambling, eating, exercise, or any other activity that an individual may find stimulating. While behavioral addictions seldom lead to life threatening substances like drugs, they can be extremely harmful. If you let an addiction take over other aspects of your life, you could risk affecting your professional performance, personal relationships, and possibly experience financial loss.

For a habit to be considered as addictive, it should become counter-productive and persistent. Despite understanding the ill-effects of this behavior, many are forced to continue with their habits because they are heavily dependent on it. Eventually, this obsession or addiction can start affecting your state of mind and behavior. Even if the behavior causes no direct harm to your health or safety, it could negatively affect your competence and bring about undesirable developments in your personality.

Regardless of the type or nature of the addiction, the steps to recovery are often the same. The first step to handling addiction is to admit that you have a problem. Only then, a professional or loved one can help you reduce your dependence and help you to live without it.

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